The phone box where Jo Jo Dullard was last seen

Crime Scene Location in Moone, Kildare, Ireland

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Jo Jo Dullard - Crime scene location

This is the exact location where missing woman Josephine "Jo Jo" Dullard was last seen.

Detectives believe that Dullard's killer picked her up on this street while she was thumbing for a lift home.

In November of 1995, the 21-year-old dropped out of a beauty therapy course in Dublin and moved back to her sister's house in Callan, County Kilkenny.

On November 9th, 1995, Dullard returned to Dublin to collect a social welfare payment from a post office in Harold's Cross.

After collecting her money, she met with friends at Bruxelles Pub near Grafton Street in Dublin.

Unfortunately, Dullard became sidetracked after her ex-boyfriend showed up at the bar. As a result, she missed the last bus to her hometown.

Determined to get home, she decided to take the next bus to Naas, Kildare. Although Naas wasn't particularly close to Callan, at least she'd be on her way.

After getting off the bus at Naas, she managed to hitchhike 35 kilometers southward to a small village called Moone.

By the time she reached Moone, the clock was starting to creep towards midnight.

At exactly 11.37 p.m. on that fateful Thursday night, Dullard called her friend from this public phone box outside of the Holy Trinity Church.

During their conversation, she told her friend that she had missed her bus and that she was trying to hitchhike home. The pair also gossiped about recent events in their lives.

While they were chatting, Dullard held the door of the phone box open so that she could continue thumbing for a lift.

A number of passing motorists would later recall seeing the young woman that night. They also expressed regret at their decision to keep driving.

Back in 1995, the main road between Dublin and Waterford used to go through Moone. As a result, this area would have been much busier than it is today.

At some point during the call, Dullard suddenly stopped speaking and asked her friend to wait for a moment.

A car had finally pulled over.

After roughly 30 seconds of silence, she returned to the kiosk and told her friend that someone had offered her a lift.

Then, without giving any further details, she abruptly hung up the phone.

That was the last time anyone heard from Jo Jo Dullard.

Despite a major search and thousands of interviews, investigators were unable to find any trace of the missing Kilkenny woman.

One eyewitness claimed that they had seen a woman matching her description getting into the backseat of a darkly colored Toyota Carina. If Dullard did get into the backseat, then it suggests that there was more than one person in the vehicle at the time.

Unfortunately, this sighting did little to help the investigation, as the Carina was an extremely popular car during the 1990s.

In October of 2020, nearly 25 years after she went missing, the Irish police officially upgraded Dullard's disappearance to a murder investigation.

Jo Jo Dullard last seen location

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R14 Y898

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The plaque stands against a small pebble-dash wall outside of Holy Trinity Church in Moone. It is about 100 meters north of St. Colmcille's National School.

Details about the general area

Moone is a small village with a population of less than 500 people. It is situated about 10 kilometers away from Baltinglass in Wicklow.


Photos of the phone box and other related images.

Sanyo Walkman

Sanyo walkman

On the night that she went missing, Dullard was carrying a rucksack and a black MGP21 Sanyo Walkman. She was wearing jeans, black boots, and a dark-colored anorak jacket.

These items have never been recovered.


Moone main street

This is a Google Street View image of the main street in Moone. The red circle highlights the location where the public pay phone once stood.

That night, Dullard stopped here to call her friend. At the time, the 21-year-old was about 73 kilometers away from her hometown of Callan.

During their conversation, she continued thumbing for a ride until a car finally pulled over to the side of the road.

The main street in Moone was much busier back in 1995, as the Dublin-Waterford road went through the village. It wasn't until December of 2000 that the town was bypassed.

Notably, a convicted rapist named Larry Murphy has been identified as a "person of interest" in Dullard's case.

In 2001, Murphy kidnapped a woman from Carlow and then drove to Kilkea in Kildare, where he raped her and attempted to smother her with a plastic bag. Kilkea is roughly 7 kilometers away from Moone.

Furthermore, Murphy lived 15 kilometers away from Moone at the time, in an area called Woodfield, Baltinglass.

Jo Jo Dullard

Jo Jo Dullard

Jo Jo Dullard would have turned 49 in 2023. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall with dark, shoulder-length hair.

Telefon phone box

Telefon phone box

This is a screengrab from old RTE news footage that was recorded shortly after she went missing.

The kiosk at night

night kiosk

This screenshot shows how dark the street would have been at the time.

Dullard and Mary Cullinane

Jo Jo Dullard

On the night of her disappearance, Dullard called her friend, Mary Cullinane, from the phone box in Moone. Sadly, she did not give Cullinane any details about the car that had pulled over.

Google Street View

Google Street View

It was just before midnight when she reached the village of Moone.

Memorial plaque

Memorial plaque

A memorial plaque is present at the site where she was last seen.

It reads:

"What happened to her? Where is JoJo now?"

Unfortunately, the Irish police didn't begin investigating her disappearance until three days after she was reported missing. During that time, a number of potential leads may have been lost.



After collecting her social welfare payment in Harold's Cross, Dullard spent the afternoon at a bar called Bruxelles, which is situated near Grafton Street in Dublin.

It is likely that the 21-year-old was trying to kill some time, as her bus was not scheduled to leave until 6 p.m.

Dullard chose Bruxelles because she was familiar with the place and had frequented it on a number of occasions while she was living in Dublin. Furthermore, one of her friends worked behind the bar.

Later that afternoon, Dullard's ex-boyfriend showed up at the pub. For the next couple of hours, the pair drank together and reportedly became close.

After a few drinks, Dullard decided that she wanted to spend the night in Dublin. However, those plans were dashed when her ex's current girlfriend walked into the bar and saw them sitting together. This led to an argument, which resulted in her ex-boyfriend leaving Bruxelles.

Unfortunately, by that point, Dullard's 6 p.m. bus back to Callan had already left.

Despite this, it seems as though she was determined to leave Dublin. Consequently, she decided to take the next bus to Naas.

Dullard's route

jo jo dullard Route

On the evening of November 9th, 1995, Jo Jo Dullard left the central bus station in Dublin (Busáras) and traveled to Naas.

When she reached Naas at 10 p.m., she immediately began hitchhiking.

Not long after, an elderly man pulled over and offered to bring her as far as Kilcullen. During the journey, he advised her to rent a B&B in Kilkcullen, as hitchhiking was too dangerous, especially for a young woman at night.

However, Dullard was determined to get back to Callan. Once she reached Kilcullen, she began thumbing for a lift again. Shortly afterwards, she was picked up by a man who agreed to bring her to Moone, a village that was 20 kilometers south.

She reached Moone at around 11.30 p.m. and proceeded to call her friend, Mary Cullinane, from the payphone outside of the Holy Trinity Church.

As she was talking to Cullinane, an unidentified motorist saw her thumbing for a lift and pulled over.

It is believed that the motorist in question was Dullard's killer. Since then, there has been no trace of the missing 21-year-old.

Toyota Carina

Toyota Carina

One witness said that they saw a woman matching Dullard's description getting into the back of a red Toyota Carina (similar to the model in the photograph above).

The person (or persons) who picked her up that night have never come forward.

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