Glenwood House: The location where Ana Kriégel was murdered.

Crime Scene Location in Lucan, Dublin, Ireland.

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Ana Kriégel - Crime scene location.

This is the abandoned house where 14-year-old Ana Kriégel was murdered.

On May 14th, 2018, Ana was lured to this derelict farmhouse by two 13-year-old boys.

The two boys cannot be named under Irish law because they are minors. As a result, the media referred to them as "Boy A" and "Boy B".

Ana Kriégel's murder.

When Ana arrived at the property, Boy A threw her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

He then proceeded to beat her to death.

Following the murder, her body lay in this house until it was discovered three days later.

At 5PM on the evening of the attack, Boy B called to Ana's house in Leixlip and told her that Boy A wanted to speak to her.

She was last seen in St Catherine's Park, which is about a 15-minute walk away from Glenwood House. In total, it would have taken Ana and Boy B about 20-25 minutes to reach the house.

Her mother becomes suspicious.

When Geraldine found out that a boy had called to the door looking for her daughter, she immediately became worried. Geraldine knew that Ana did not have any friends. Furthermore, nobody had ever called for her before.

Upon realizing that something was off, Geraldine repeatedly phoned her daughter and sent text messages to her. However, she received no response.

The family then started to search for Ana. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours, there was still no trace of their missing daughter.

As a result, they decided to go to the local garda station.

The search for Ana begins.

Over the next couple of days, gardai carried out a number of searches in the area. They also interviewed Boy A and Boy B. However, the two boys remained adamant that they had last seen Ana in St. Catherine's Park.

As the two boys were retracing their steps and showing the gardai where they had last seen Ana, they both shared "a look" with one another.

This "look", coupled with the fact that they had conflicting stories, made the gardai suspicious of the two boys.

A couple of days later, on May 17th, 2018, a garda search team discovered Ana's body at Glenwood House in Lucan.

Subsequently, the Irish police charged Boy A and Boy B with murder.

Their trial started in April of 2019 and lasted eight weeks. On June 18th, 2019, the jury found both boys guilty of the murder of Ana Kriégel.

Boy A received a life sentence with a "review" after 12 years. Boy B, on the other hand, received a 15-year prison sentence with a review after 8 years.


Following the killing, politicians and members of the public called for the demolition of Glenwood House. However, this was not possible as the house has a protected structure status.

In June of 2021, Fingal County Council granted the owners permission to convert the building into a nursing home facility with 119 bedrooms.

Where was Ana Kriégel murdered?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS Coordinates.

The GPS coordinates for the house are as follows.

  • Latitude: 53.362877
  • Longitude: -6.455622


Open 53.362877, -6.455622 in Google Maps to view directions on how to get there.


The full address for this location is:

Glenwood House

Details about the general area.

The house is situated in Lucan, which is a suburb in the west of Dublin. It is close to Saint Catherine's Park and the town of Leixlip in Kildare.

Who owns it?

The property is owned by the O'Callaghan family, who run a chain of boutique hotels in Dublin and Gibraltar.

Trivia about Glenwood House and other information.

  • The O'Callaghan family purchased Glenwood House in 2003 for €10.5 million.
  • The house was built at the beginning of the 1800s. It is a protected structure because it is considered to be of special interest from an architectural point of view.
  • In 2020, it was partially renovated and bricked-up to prevent people from entering it.
  • The house has been plagued by anti-social activity for years. According to residents, the local fire brigade were regularly putting out fires at the property before Ana's murder.
  • In 2016, the O'Callaghan family were granted permission to convert the farmhouse into a 62-bed nursing home. A year later, they re-applied with a plan for a larger facility with a two-storey extension. However, this was refused by Fingal County Council. In 2021, the council granted them permission to create a 119-bed facility.
  • In 2006, Ana's parents adopted her from Russia.
  • Boy A and Boy B are currently serving their sentences at the Oberstown Detention Centre in north County Dublin.
  • In May of 2020, Boy A was beaten up by two teenage inmates as he watched television.
  • English architect James Gandon designed the house. His other works include the Four Courts and the Custom House in Dublin.
  • Months before Ana's murder, a local historical society contacted Fingal County Council to express their concerns about anti-social behavior at the property. Although the council raised these concerns with the owners, no changes were made.


Photos of the house and other related images.

Flowers placed at the entrance.

Flowers placed at the entrance

A Google Street View image from June of 2019 shows flowers placed at the entrance. This would have been around the time when the two boys were found guilty.

Crime scene.

Crime scene.

A lone garda stands at the entrance to the crime scene.

St Catherine's Park.

St Catherine's Park.

The park that Ana and Boy B walked through in order to get to the house.

Glenwood House.

Glenwood House.

An image of Glenwood House from April, 2017.


Glenwood House in 2021

The house in June of 2021. As you can see, the entrance has been blocked off and the windows of the house have been bricked up. Two years after the trial, people still regularly leave flowers at the scene.

Photos of Ana Kriegel.

Ana Kriegel

Photographs of 14-year-old Ana Kriegel. Note that under Irish law, we cannot publish images of her murderers because they were minors when they committed the crime.

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