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The Hardy Bucks cottage

Filming Location in Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

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The Hardy Bucks cottage: Filming Location

This is the cottage where Buzz McDonnell and Eddie Durkan live in the Irish comedy series Hardy Bucks.

It is situated in Culmore, Mayo.

Throughout most of the show, Buzz and Eddie live in this small house outside of Swinford. However, in the TV series, Swinford is known as Castletown.

The cottage is owned by Buzz's aunt.

This is the spot where the group attempts to set up an Internet cafe. It is also the place where Buzz's convict cousin holds them hostage.

Eddie lives here up until the start of Season 4, when he decides to move out and get an apartment with his girlfriend Ciara.

Sadly, the property was badly damaged by a fire in August 2022.

Hardy Bucks house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


Cuilmore, Swinford, Mayo, F12 EV88, Ireland

The Eircode is F12 EV88


To view directions on how to get there, you can use the Google Maps shortcut below:

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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

53.955620, -8.879845


The Hardy Bucks cottage is situated on Cuilmore Road, which is between Swinford and Charlestown in County Mayo. If you're driving from Swinford, take the turn-off for Swinford Football Club. Then, about 2 kilometers down the road, take another left.

If you are coming from Charlestown, drive along Chapel Street and keep going for 6 kilometers until you come across the yard for Duffy Tyres. After that, take the next right.

Details about the general area

The house is about 5 km from Swinford, which is a small town in the northeast of Mayo. It is relatively close to where the N5 meets the N17.


Photos of the house and other related images.


Episode 2, Season 1 - King Of The Town

Hardy Bucks cottage

This is an image of the outside of the cottage. Notably, the Google Street View car has yet to visit this location.

"I want you to come at me with that tree."

Episode 4, Season 1 - A Castletown Christmas

Eddie Durkan

Eddie instructs Buzz to run at him with a Christmas tree so that he can show the cameramen his "moves."

When French Toast questions whether an attacker wielding a tree is a likely scenario, Eddie tells him that "you never know what the Christmas period will bring at you."

Christmas at the cottage

Episode 4, Season 1 - A Castletown Christmas


The lads attempt to have the perfect Christmas by exchanging gifts and drinking cans. However, they soon find out that the electricity is gone and that their lager is frozen solid.


Episode 2, Season 2 - Broadband


In this scene, crowds of young men queue up outside to use the Internet.

This was after Eddie had convinced Salmon to "invest" his money in the "business" by buying more computers for the cottage.


Episode 2, Season 2 - Broadband

Another angle

This is what the house looked like back in 2011.

Culmore National School

Culmore National School

If you are driving to this location from Swinford, you will eventually see Culmore National School. After passing this school, you will need to take the second left.



Image source: Google Maps

The final turn-off is opposite a bungalow. Note that this Google Street View image was taken over ten years ago, in March 2009.

As a result, the location might look slightly different today.

"I'm not great at all, man."

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Shkyline


Buzz tries out a new routine after reading an article on how to hang upside down. Unfortunately, he fails to read the part about how to release himself.



Judging by several TikTok videos, the property became disused and overgrown. The screenshot above is from a video that was recorded in July 2021.


The inside

Recent TikTok videos show that the inside of the house wasn't in great shape before the fire.

Pieces of insulation were hanging from the living room ceiling. Broken furniture and plasterboard were also scattered throughout the rooms of the house.



In August 2022, the house was badly damaged by a fire, which is believed to have been started by vandals.

Judging by photographs on social media, it seems as though the living room area and the roof were completely destroyed.

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