Hardy Bucks Locations

Take your own self-guided tour of Castletown

Hardy Bucks Filming Locations: Take your own tour

Below, you'll find a list of locations that were used during the filming of the Irish comedy TV series Hardy Bucks.

This includes a guide to "Castletown" itself.

Simply click on a place and then follow the coordinates.

The Hardy Bucks cottage

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

This is the cottage that Buzz McDonnell and Eddie Durkan share together in Hardy Bucks.

Moore's Bar

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

This is the final pub that Eddie and French Toast visit during the 12 Pubs of Christmas.

In the scene, Eddie, French Toast, and Buzz are celebrating their new Christmas hamper—a hamper that took them "three months of hard graft."

The White House pub

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

This is the pub where Eddie Durkan and Buzz McDonnell drink with a banker whom they met at Alcoholics Anonymous.

During the scene, their new drinking buddy orders them a number of different wines to taste.

However, it isn't long before the evening devolves into the trio downing Fat Frogs, beer, and shots.

The Castletown playground

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

This is the "Castletown" playground where Francis "The Viper" Higgins agrees to fight the Sligo boys. Unfortunately for him, they have a trick up their sleeves.

The village of Castletown

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

Hardy Bucks was filmed in a small town called Swinford, which is in the northeast of County Mayo.

The railway bridge

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

The railway bridge in Swinford appears in a number of episodes. For example, Buzz gave his iconic "headbutt" speech in front of it. In 2015, the clip went viral on the Internet after Americans believed that the interview was real.