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The Hole: The mafia's graveyard

Mob Burial Site in Queens, New York

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The Hole: The mafia's graveyard

This is the location where the Gambino crime family buried the remains of at least three men.

It is situated in The Hole, a small, low-lying neighborhood that straddles the border between Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

The desolate, five-block area consists of RV trailers, dilapidated buildings, rusted fences, vacant lots, and flooded streets that are littered with abandoned trailers and cars.

The Hole in Brooklyn
The Hole gives off a post-apocalyptic vibe. The New York Times once likened it to a town from the Old West. It is 30 feet lower than the surrounding areas. This, combined with the lack of sewerage facilities, makes it susceptible to surface flooding.

The mob took advantage of its isolation to bury bodies and discard hijacked trucks.

The former Gambino dumping ground sits on the eastern side of Ruby Street, between Blake Avenue and Dumont Avenue.

Six men were reportedly buried in the area during the 1970s and 1980s. However, only three of their bodies have been found.

The Hole map
The remains were found off Ruby Street. The Hole is sometimes referred to as the Jewel Streets because it contains thoroughfares such as Ruby Street, Amber Street, and Emerald Street.

The infamous "three capos murders" took place on May 5th, 1981, when Bonanno capo Joseph Massino lured three of his rivals to the 20/20 Night Club in Brooklyn under the pretense of a peace meeting.

Massino's men assassinated Bonanno capos Alphonse "Al" Indelicato, Dominick Trinchera, and Philip Giaccone shortly after they entered the nightclub.

Three Capos
Three Capos: Al "Sonny Red" Indelicato, Dominick "Big Trin" Trinchera, and Philip "Philly Lucky" Giaccone were all found in this area.

The Gambino crime family owned the site. It fell under the authority of capo John Gotti, who ran the Bergin Hunt and Fish crew in Ozone Park.

Gotti ordered his associates to bury the three Bonanno capos as a personal favor to Massino, whom he had grown up with.

After wrapping the bodies in painters' drop cloth, Massino's crew transported them to Howard Beach in Queens, where they handed them over to Gambino associates Gene Gotti, Angelo Ruggiero, and John Carneglia.

Gotti's crew then buried Indelicato, Trinchera, and Giaccone in a marshy, vacant lot in The Hole.

Ruby Street
This Google Street View image from May 2012 shows the northern side of Ruby Street, which is particularly prone to flooding. Photo: Google Maps.

On May 28th, 1981, a group of children noticed Indelicato's tattooed arm sticking out of the mud while they were playing in the area. The other two capos remained undiscovered for more than two decades, much to the mob's surprise.

The bones of Trinchera and Giaccone weren't unearthed until October 2004, when the FBI and the NYPD launched a fresh dig at the site. This dig came after the authorities received intelligence that the two men had been buried in the same lot as Indelicato.

The Hole is also suspected to be the resting place of Lucchese mobsters Thomas DeSimone and Joseph Spione, as well as John Favara, a furniture store manager who accidentally struck and killed Gotti's 12-year-old son with his car.

Thomas DeSimone and Joseph Spione
Thomas DeSimone (pictured left), Joseph Spione (pictured right), and John Favara are also believed to be buried in one of the lots.

The remains of these three men have never been found.

The Hole address

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Ruby Street, Queens, New York, NY 11414, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the site are:

40.672201, -73.860390


The neighborhood sits between South Conduit Avenue and Linden Boulevard.

Details about the general area

It is situated on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. The western part is in East New York, while the eastern section is in Lindenwood.


Photos of the site and other related images.

Burial site

Burial site

Image source: Google Maps

The Gambino burial site was situated off Ruby Street.



The lot has since been paved over.

Ruby Street

Ruby Street

The Gambino family also used The Hole to dump stolen merchandise. On October 1st, 1981, a cargo truck containing rat poison and muscle relaxants was found parked on Ruby Street.

It was one of two trucks that had been taken from a pharmaceutical company in Garden City on Long Island. While speaking to Newsday, one police officer theorized that the hijackers took what they were looking for and dumped the rest in this neighborhood.

The discovery was made roughly five months after a group of children found Sonny Red's remains protruding from the mud in an adjoining lot.

Trinchera and Giaccone were found in 2004

FBI dig

A combined task force of FBI agents and NYPD investigators spent three weeks searching the lot in October 2004.

The new search was launched shortly after Bonanno boss Joseph Massino agreed to cooperate with the authorities in an effort to avoid the death penalty. It was on Massino's advice that they decided to dig up the site off Ruby Street.

Pumps were set up to remove excess water from the area.

Two large backhoes were used to break up the concrete and heavy mud. The team then searched through the piles of soil using rakes and shovels.

Soil sifters were also used to look for smaller pieces of evidence.

During the dig, the team found dozens of bones, Giaccone's watch, glasses, Tinchera's credit card, and shoes, among other personal effects.

Although rumors spread that investigators had found more than two bodies, these turned out to be false. In December 2004, the FBI confirmed that the skeletal remains belonged to Giaccone and Tinchera.

Gotti's crew

Gotti's crew

According to court testimony, it was Gene Gotti, Angelo Ruggiero, and John Carneglia who buried the three capos.

Howard Beach

Howard Beach

When Bonanno mobster Salvatore Vitale became an informant in 2003, he told the authorities that the bodies were transported by van to Howard Beach in Queens.

Vitale and future Bonanno boss Joseph Massino followed behind in a car.

The remains were turned over to Gotti's crew near the corner of Cross Bay Boulevard and 164th Avenue.

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