The motel where Aileen Wuornos stayed

Place of Interest in Port Orange, Florida

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The motel where Aileen Wuornos stayed

This is the motel where serial killer Aileen Wuornos stayed during her murder spree in 1989 and 1990.

It is situated at 5964 South Ridgewood Avenue in Port Orange, Florida.

At the time of the killings, it was known as the Fairview Inn. These days, it is called the Scoot Inn.

Wuornos slept in Room 8. However, following a renumbering, the room that she stayed in is now number 7. The rooms were renumbered after the owners decided to remove one of the rooms and add it to their own apartment.

It is worth pointing out that none of her murders took place at this inn. Instead, her crimes were committed elsewhere, on remote roads and in secluded woodland areas.

Wuornos lived here with her girlfriend, Tyria Moore, up until her arrest at the nearby Last Resort bar in January 1991.

Aileen Wuornos' motel location

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5964 South Ridgewood Avenue, Port Orange, Florida, FL 32127, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the inn are:

29.105638, -80.973223


The inn sits beside the intersection of South Ridgewood Avenue and Bayshore Drive.


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Aileen Wuornos' room

Aileen Wuornos' motel room

This is the room where Aileen Wuornos slept.

The motel was purchased by Mike and Dawn Bock in 2010.

The couple did not learn about the motel's past until they were about to sign the papers and finalize the deal. However, the link to Wuornos did not dissuade them, as none of the murders occurred on the property.

When the Bocks took over the inn, they cleaned it up and renovated it. Therefore, it is likely that the room looked very different when Wuornos was living here.

They eventually sold the inn for $385,000 on October 7th, 2020.

The Scoot Inn

The Scoot Inn

This Google Street View image of the motel was captured in January 2019.

The inn was built in 1959. It describes itself as a biker-friendly motel. Hence the name and logo.

The Fairview Motel

Episode 6, Season 2 - Born To Kill

Fairview Motel

Before it was renamed the Scoot Inn, it was known as the Fairview Motel and the Fairview Inn.

Room 8


Wuornos was living in the third room from the left.

Other websites state that the room was originally "Room 9". However, this is incorrect. The original room number was 8.

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