The restroom where George Michael was arrested

Arrest Location in Beverly Hills, California

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The restroom where George Michael was arrested

This is the public restroom where English singer George Michael was arrested.

It is located at 9650 Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.

On April 7th, 1998, Michael was arrested at this location for "engaging in a lewd act" after he exposed himself to a police officer.

That day, a crime suppression unit from the Beverly Hills Police Department was performing a sweep of the park due to recent complaints about lewd conduct.

At the time, Will Rogers Memorial Park was reportedly listed on the Internet as a place where gay men could meet up and have anonymous sex—an act that is often referred to as "cruising" or "cottaging."

Shortly before 5 p.m., undercover officer Marcelo Rodríguez walked into the restroom and encountered Michael.

When the singer saw Rodríguez, he partially disrobed and exposed himself.

Following the incident, Rodríguez walked out, leaving the former "Wham!" star by himself. Michael was arrested moments later after he exited the restroom and attempted to get into his car.

After pleading "no contest" to a charge of lewd conduct, he was fined $810 and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The arrest was a huge turning point in the star's life, as it forced him to come out of the closet. Up until that point, he had kept his homosexuality a secret.

Afterwards, he claimed that the police officer had flashed him first and that it was a case of entrapment. However, the BHPD denied this.

Michael satirized the incident in the music video for his single, "Outside," which was released six months later. The video featured two male police officers kissing, as well as other references to the police and homosexuality.

Rodríguez, who made the arrest, claimed that the music video mocked him and caused him emotional distress. Although he attempted to sue the singer, the case was eventually dismissed after a judge ruled that the officer's role as a public official meant that he was exempt from recovering such damages.

During an interview in 2007, Michael stated that being closeted had made him feel like a fraud and that the incident at Will Rogers Memorial Park may have been a "subconsciously deliberate act."

George Michael arrest location

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9650 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, CA 90210, USA


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34.080116, -118.412935


The park lies across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The restroom is situated on the southern side of the park, about 300 feet east of the intersection between Sunset Boulevard and North Canon Drive.

Details about the general area

Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is situated to the northwest of downtown LA.


Photos of the restroom and other related images.

Will Rogers Memorial Park

Will Rogers Memorial Park

The restroom is situated near the southern entrance to Will Rogers Memorial Park, which is on North Canon Drive.

At the time of the incident, George Michael was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel (pictured top-left).

Google Street View

Google Street View

This Google Street View image of the southern side of the restroom was taken from North Canon Drive in August 2022.

When the singer unexpectedly passed away in 2016, a number of fans paid homage to him by leaving flowers at this location.


Public toilet

This photograph of the toilet was taken by Jeremy Arnie in January 2019.

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