Irish Gangland Locations

Ireland's most infamous gangland locations

Irish Gangland Locations

This is a list of some of Ireland's most infamous gangland locations. These are places where notorious attacks were carried out and prominent crime figures were murdered.

The location where Veronica Guerin was shot

Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland

This is the exact location where Irish crime journalist Veronica Guerin was shot dead in 1996. At the time of the attack, her car was parked at a set of traffic lights near Newlands Cross in Dublin.

The pub where Bernard "Verb" Sugg was shot dead

Corduff, Dublin, Ireland

This is the pub where Westies gang member Bernard "Verb" Sugg was shot dead in August 2003. His gangland killing was carried out by two former associates who wanted to take over the drug trade in west Dublin.

The pub where Irish gangster Eamon Dunne was shot dead

Cabra, Dublin, Ireland

This is the pub where Irish crime boss Eamon Dunne was murdered.

In April 2010, two masked gunmen ran into this building in Cabra and shot "The Don" multiple times.

The house where Marlo Hyland was shot dead

Finglas, Dublin, Ireland

In December 2006, crime boss Martin "Marlo" Hyland and innocent plumber Anthony Campbell were shot dead at this house in Finglas.

The street where Martin Cahill was shot dead

Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland

In August 1994, Irish gangster Martin Cahill was shot dead by the Provisional IRA at this junction in Ranelagh, Dublin.

The prominent underworld figure was killed because of his business dealings with loyalist paramilitaries.

The location where the Regency Hotel shooting occurred

Whitehall, Dublin, Ireland

This is the hotel where the Hutch gang launched an audacious attack on the Kinahan cartel in broad daylight.

Following the gangland shooting, the hotel renamed itself the Bonnington Dublin.

The car park where Gareth Hutch was murdered

Rotunda, Dublin, Ireland

In May 2016, Gareth Hutch was shot dead by two gunmen in this car park outside the Avondale House apartment building in Rotunda, Dublin.

His death was linked to the Hutch-Kinahan feud.