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The hotel where Paul Gray died

Johnny Gosch's house

Roughly 6 miles away.

Missing Person House in West Des Moines, Iowa

On September 5th, 1982, Johnny Gosch left this house in West Des Moines to deliver newspapers.

Shortly afterwards, the 12-year-old vanished without a trace.

The apartment lot where Jodi Huisentruit was abducted

Roughly 134 miles away.

Crime Location in Mason City, Iowa

In June 1995, news anchor Jodi Huisentruit was abducted from this apartment complex in Mason City, Iowa.

Since then, there has been no trace of the 27-year-old.

Buddy Holly's crash site

Roughly 137 miles away.

Crash Site Location in Clear Lake, Iowa

On February 3rd, 1959, rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson, and Ritchie Valens died after their plane crashed into this field near Clear Lake, Iowa.

Their pilot, Roger Peterson, was also killed in the accident.

The house where Steven Sueppel murdered his family

Roughly 147 miles away.

Crime Location in Iowa City, Iowa

In March 2008, former banking executive Steven Sueppel murdered his family at this house on Barrington Road in Iowa City.

Afterwards, he committed suicide by driving his van into a concrete pillar on a nearby interstate.

The location where Ken McElroy was shot dead

Roughly 147 miles away.

Crime Location in Skidmore, Missouri

In 1981, the "town bully," Ken McElroy, was shot dead in broad daylight outside of the D&G Tavern in Skidmore, Missouri.

Although more than 40 people witnessed the killing, nobody came forward to identify the shooters.

The murder remains unsolved to this day.


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