Robert Hansen's bakery

Place of Interest in Anchorage, Alaska, United States

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Robert Hansen's bakery

This is the former location of Robert Hansen's bakery.

It is situated at 828 East 9th Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska.

These days, the unit is home to a Food Mart convenience store.

Hansen was a serial killer who murdered at least seventeen women between 1971 and 1983.

The media nicknamed him "the Butcher Baker" due to his occupation.

Hansen was arrested at this location on the morning of October 27th, 1983.

While he was exiting his vehicle, a team of state troopers and Anchorage police officers approached him and asked him to accompany them to the station for questioning. Hansen, who was still putting on a "nice guy" act, agreed to go with them.

Meanwhile, officers executed a search warrant on the bakery and told the employees to leave.

Later that day, investigators discovered some of Hansen's victims' jewelry in the basement of his house on Old Harbor Avenue. They also found newspaper clippings about some of the murders.

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61.213459, -149.867647


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828 East 9th Avenue
AK 99501
United States

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