The location where Ed Kemper was arrested

Arrest Location in Pueblo, Colorado

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Ed Kemper's arrest location

This is the location where Ed Kemper was arrested.

It is situated at the corner of Norwood Avenue and East 21st Street in Pueblo, Colorado.

Kemper was arrested at a payphone near this intersection on April 24th, 1973.

Four days earlier, Kemper had killed his mother and her friend at his house in Aptos, California.

Following the murders, the 6'9" serial killer gathered up three guns and 200 rounds of ammunition before driving eastward across the United States.

During the journey, "Big Ed" actively listened to radio stations, waiting to hear a news story about the double homicide. In his mind, it was only a matter of time before the bodies were discovered and a huge manhunt was launched.

However, that moment never came.

Although Kemper had abducted and brutally murdered six young coeds between May 1972 and February 1973, the real "target" of his rage was his mother—a contemptuous, domineering alcoholic who had belittled him and purposely deprived him of affection.

All of the other victims were representations of the one woman that he had been too cowardly to face: Clarnell Kemper.

However, that finally changed on April 20th, 1973, when he walked into his mother's bedroom and bludgeoned her to death with a claw hammer.

As he made his way through the states of Nevada and Utah, it slowly dawned on Kemper that the true source of his anger was now gone. At the same time, he was also beginning to feel emotionally exhausted and weary.

Consequently, he decided that the time had finally come to give himself up. In his own words, "the original purpose was now gone."

After driving for 1,300 miles, he stopped at a payphone near this corner of Norwood Avenue and East 21st Street in Pueblo, Colorado.

At that point, he called 911 and explained each of his murders in detail.

When the police arrived at this intersection, they were relieved when Kemper didn't attempt to resist arrest. Following the arrest, one of the officers remarked that he was built like a football player who could "beat a mountain lion with a switch."

Ed Kemper arrest location

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Norwood Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado, CO 81001, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the corner are:

38.286885, -104.585391


The location is just 75 yards north of the intersection between US Highway 50 and Norwood Avenue.

Details about the general area

Pueblo is a small city that is roughly 35 miles south of Colorado Springs.


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This Google Street View was captured in July 2015.

The payphone was situated close to this corner.

During the 911 call, the officer asked Kemper to step out of the phone booth, walk to the curb, and look for a street sign.

Moments later, he returned and stated, "21st Street and Norwood Avenue."

At one point during their conversation, Kemper suddenly stopped talking. Following a brief pause, he informed the officer on the other end of the line that the police had arrived and that they had their guns drawn on him.

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