Map: Rex Heuermann's house

105 1st Avenue, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

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Rex Heuermann's house

Suspect House in Massapequa Park, New York

Suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann lived at this house in Massapequa Park on Long Island up until his arrest in July 2023.

The 59-year-old architect has been charged with three of the Long Island serial killer (LISK) murders.

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Arrest location

Heuermann Arrest

Heuermann was arrested on the evening of July 13th, 2023. At the time, he had just left work and was walking south on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Surveillance footage from a nearby store captured the moment when men in suits suddenly appeared and apprehended him.

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RH Consultants & Associates

Google Street View

This Google Street View image of the entrance to RH Consultants & Associates was taken in June 2022—roughly 13 months before Heuermann's arrest. By this stage, he had already become the prime suspect in the investigation.

Interestingly, it appears as though Heuermann is actually visible in this image.

On January 26th, 2023, the surveillance team observed him throwing a pizza box into the trash can outside his workplace (visible on the left). After retrieving the box, they sent the leftover crust to the Suffolk County Crime Laboratory for analysis.

A swab from the pizza crust later proved to be a mitochondrial DNA match with the male hair that had been found on Megan Waterman.

T-Mobile store

Burner phones Rex Heuermann

When the task force looked into Heuermann, they discovered that he was using multiple burner phones and fake email addresses. This was significant, as the Gilgo Beach killer (LISK) had used similar countersurveillance measures.

His emails included "[email protected]", "[email protected]", and "[email protected]".

On May 19th, 2023, surveillance cameras at a T-Mobile store at 124 West 34th Street in Manhattan captured footage of Heuermann adding additional minutes to one of his burner phones (images above).

After analyzing the usage of these devices, the task force noticed that he was using them to contact sex workers and arrange "hookups" on Tinder. Furthermore, he had also been using the phones to search for information about the Gilgo Case, its victims, and the victims' relatives (among other disturbing content).

The fact that he was still continuing to contact sex workers using burner phones worried investigators, as they believed that it was possible he might kill again.

Former workplace


At the time of the killings, Heuermann's architecture company was situated at 19 West 36th Street in Manhattan. This building is just around the corner from where his firm is currently located.


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