Map: The location where Meresa Hammonds was found

1288 Midland Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704

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The site where Robert Shulman dumped the body of Meresa Hammonds

Crime Location in Yonkers, New York

In June 1992, serial killer Robert Shulman dumped the body of Meresa Hammonds in a dumpster behind this building in Yonkers.

She remained unidentified for nearly 30 years until genealogical DNA testing located her relatives.

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Jamaica Avenue

Jamaica Avenue

Kelly Sue Bunting (aka Melani) worked between 198th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard on Jamacia Avenue in Hollis, Queens.

At the time, this stretch of road was a popular spot among sex workers.

On the day of her disappearance, Bunting was last seen getting into a blue Cadillac. Fortunately, Schulman had visited the area so frequently that many of the girls instantly knew who the police were looking for.

When Schulman read about Bunting's identification in the newspaper, he immediately regretted the fact that he had left her tattoo intact.

Fortunately, it was this "oversight" that eventually came back to bite him.

Lori Vasquez

Lori Vasquez

Lori Vasquez was Schulman's first victim. Her dismembered remains were found at the back of 28 Belknap Avenue in Yonkers on August 31st, 1991.

Vasquez's body was stuffed into a garbage can, which was later dumped in this wooded area.

Meresa Hammonds

Meresa Hammonds

On June 27th, 1992, the remains of Meresa Hammonds were found in a dumpster at the back of 1288 Midland Avenue in Yonkers.

Hammonds remained unidentified for nearly 30 years. She was known as "Yonkers Jane Doe" until 2021, when the police utilized genealogical DNA testing to track down her relatives.

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Medford Jane Doe (approx.)

Medford Jane Doe

Medford Jane Doe is Shulman's last remaining unidentified victim.

On December 7th, 1994, her partial remains were found inside a blue Rubbermaid container at the end of a small roadway off Long Island Avenue, between Yaphank and Medford.

She was estimated to be 20–30 years old and roughly 5'0" in height. There was a tattoo on her left shoulder that consisted of a red heart with a white banner that had the name "Adrian" written on it. At the time of her death, she may have been wearing a black sweater.

Note that the coordinates below are approximate.

Kelly Sue Bunting

Kelly Sue Bunting

Kelly Sue Bunting's body was found at 1875 Walt Whitman Road in Melville on December 11th, 1995. At the time, the property belonged to a company called FRP Sheet Metal Contracting.

The discovery was made by an employee who was searching for a missing lottery ticket.

In Bunting's case, Schulman had removed her hands, wrapped her body in a sleeping bag, and then thrown it in a dumpster in the parking lot.

The police tracked down Bunting's identity by releasing a photograph of her tattoo, which read "Melani".

After speaking to sex workers in Hollis, Queens, they learned that the 28-year-old had been operating under the name Melani Vilavencencio.

It was later determined that the sleeping bag had been sold at Sears and that Schulman had registered for a credit card at the Sears store in Hicksville roughly five months before the murder.

Bunting's identification proved to be Schulman's downfall, as two sex workers named "Camille M." and "Maggie D." had seen her jumping into a blue Cadillac in Hollis on December 8th, 1995.

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