Map: The campus where Ted Bundy abducted Susan Curtis

Campus Drive, Provo, UT 84601

The map below shows the campus (black marker) and its related locations.

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The campus where Ted Bundy abducted Susan Curtis

Crime Location in Provo, Utah

In June 1975, serial killer Ted Bundy abducted 15-year-old Susan Curtis from this college campus in Provo, Utah.

Although Bundy provided investigators with a description of the area where he buried her remains, a subsequent search failed to locate anything of note.

Related Locations

The following locations are related to the campus. Please note that the descriptions for these images may lack context if you have not read the main article.

Helaman Halls

Helaman Halls

That night, she was planning on walking back to Helaman Halls to clean her teeth, as she had recently gotten a new set of fixed braces.

Notably, there was also a parking lot near the dorm buildings.


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