Map: The house where BTK murdered Dolores Davis

6226 North Hillside Street, Wichita, KS 67219

The map below shows the house (black marker) and its related locations.

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The house where BTK murdered Dolores Davis

Crime Location in Wichita, Kansas

In January 1991, serial killer Dennis Rader murdered 62-year-old Dolores Davis at this house in Park City, Wichita. Davis was Rader's final victim.

Related Locations

The following locations are related to the house. Please note that the descriptions for these images may lack context if you have not read the main article.

Hillside and 45th

Hillside and 45th

Following the murder, Dennis Rader put Davis in the trunk of her own vehicle and traveled two miles south. He then placed her body in some trees by the intersection of Hillside Street and 45th South North.

Judging by aerial images, it is likely that he chose the wooded area in the photograph above.

After hiding Davis' body among the trees, he drove her vehicle back to her house at 6226 N Hillside Street and then left the scene on foot.

Once he was back behind the wheel of his own car, he returned to this location to retrieve her body.


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