Map: The street where Martin Cahill was shot dead

Charleston Road, Ranelagh, Dublin

The map below shows the junction (black marker) and its related locations.

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The street where Martin Cahill was shot dead

Death Location in Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland

In August 1994, Irish gangster Martin Cahill was shot dead by the Provisional IRA at this junction in Ranelagh, Dublin.

The prominent underworld figure was killed because of his business dealings with loyalist paramilitaries.

Related Locations

The following locations are related to the junction. Please note that the descriptions for these images may lack context if you have not read the main article.

21 Swan Grove

21 Swan Grove

Cahill was living at 21 Swan Grove at the time of his murder.

In 2005, the Criminal Assets Bureau seized the house and sold it.

In the 1998 film The General, he is shot dead after he leaves his house and gets into his vehicle. However, the scene in question is inaccurate, as the hitman was not situated in Swan Grove.

The movie was also inaccurate in its portrayal of the gangster. Instead of portraying him as the violent criminal that he was, it painted the picture of a jovial "Robin Hood" type figure who thumbed his nose at the authorities.

Unfortunately, this portrayal was far removed from reality. For example, in 1988, he yelled obscenities at his elderly neighbors and threatened to burn their house down. He also tortured people by stapling their fingers to the floor and hammering nails into their hands.


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