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The location where outlaw Jesse James was shot dead

Death Location in St. Joseph, Missouri

In April 1882, American outlaw Jesse James was shot dead at this location on Lafayette Street in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The gunman was a gang associate named Bob Ford, who hoped to claim a reward for killing the wanted fugitive.

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Jesse James' house

Pattee House

Image source: Google Maps

These days, the house is situated on the grounds of Pattee House, which is a five-minute walk south of Lafayette Street.

James moved into the rented property on December 24th, 1981, under the alias Thomas Howard. At the time, there was a $10,000 bounty on his head.

Following his death, his family found themselves in financial difficulties and were forced to sell all of their belongings.

Although the Ford brothers were eventually pardoned for the murder, they only received a small portion of the reward. Afterwards, they joined a touring stage show and reenacted the shooting for audiences.


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