Map: The house where Ashley Ellerin was murdered

The map below shows the house (black marker) and its related locations.

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The house where Ashley Ellerin was murdered

Crime Location in Los Angeles, California

Ashley Ellerin was murdered at this house on Pinehurst Road in Los Angeles in February 2001.

The case attracted media attention after it emerged that Ellerin was killed on the same night that she was supposed to go on a date with "That '70s Show" actor Ashton Kutcher.

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Gargiulo's apartment

Michael Gargiulo

At the time of the murder, Michael Gargiulo was living at 1759 Orchid Avenue in Los Angeles.

His apartment building was a two-minute walk from Ellerin's house.

Gargiulo met the model after he saw her struggling with a flat tire. From that point on, he began to insert himself into her life.


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