Map: Dorothy Ann Bois' apartment

The map below shows the house (black marker) and its related locations.

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The house where Dorothy Ann Bois went missing

Missing Person House in Nashua, New Hampshire

Dorothy Ann Bois disappeared from this apartment in Nashua, New Hampshire, in October 1973.

The 22-year-old is still missing to this day.

Related Locations

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247 Main Dunstable Road

247 Main Dunstable Road

Image source: Google Maps

The Nashua Police Department searched 247 Main Dunstable Road shortly after it reopened its investigation into Dorothy's disappearance.

The property was owned by Kenneth's parents, Norman and Beatrice Bois.

When Dorothy went missing, Kenneth and his daughter moved here until he finished building his house at 19 Woodbury Drive.

Kenneth's house

19 Woodbury Drive Nashua

Image source: Google Maps

Kenneth's house at 19 Woodbury Drive was also searched.

Public records indicate that he purchased this lot in 1971, which was around the same time that he married Dorothy. However, the house wasn't built until the year after she disappeared.


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