Map: The bridge where Mallory Beach died in a boating accident

Malecon Drive, Beaufort, SC 29902

The map below shows the bridge (black marker) and its related locations.

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The bridge where Mallory Beach died in a boating accident

Crash Site Location in Beaufort, South Carolina

In February 2019, Mallory Beach died after the boat that she was traveling in struck Archers Creek Bridge in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The 19-year-old's remains were found eight days later.

Related Locations

The following locations are related to the bridge. Please note that the descriptions for these images may lack context if you have not read the main article.

House party

House party

Image source: Google Maps

The oyster roast and house party took place at a friend's house on Paukie Island.

After drinking there for several hours, the group left by boat at around midnight.



Image source: Google Maps

During the journey home, Murdaugh insisted that they stop at this dock in downtown Beaufort.

After they parked up, Murdaugh and Connor Cook went into a bar called "Luther's Rare & Well Done". Meanwhile, the rest of the group waited outside.


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