Map: The location where Mekayla Bali went missing

35 1 Avenue North, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, SK S3N 1J3

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The restaurant where Mekayla Bali was last seen

Last Seen Location in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

In April 2016, Mekayla Bali exited this restaurant in Yorkton, Canada, and was never seen again.

The 16-year-old remains missing to this day.

Related Locations

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(8:25 a.m.) Leaves Sacred Heart High School

Sacred Heart High School

On the morning of April 12th, 2016, Bali's grandmother dropped her off at Sacred Heart High School on Gladstone Avenue North at around 8.10 a.m.

However, the teenager did not stick around for long. After putting a binder into her locker, she left the school via a back entrance at 8.25 a.m.

That morning, Bali was seemingly intent on visiting a local bank to withdraw money for reasons that remain unknown.

The previous day, she had asked a friend to give her a ride to TD Bank on Broadway Street.

She also claimed that she had $5,000 in her account. However, this was later proven to be false.

It is unclear whether Bali was lying to her friend or if she was genuinely expecting such a sum of money to be transferred into her account.

Bali's friend was unable to give her a ride that morning. Consequently, the 16-year-old decided to leave the school and walk to the bank by herself.

(8.51 a.m.) Visits TD Bank

TD Bank

Bali arrived at TD Bank on Broadway Street East at exactly 8.51 a.m.

Because the bank hadn't opened yet, she waited outside and talked on her phone.

Notably, this call, like the rest of the calls that she made that day, was not logged under her regular billing account. This suggests that she was using a third-party app instead of the call feature on her phone.

Many social media apps have video and voice call features that operate via the Internet.

Although the police can retrieve certain data about these calls, doing so requires direct contact with the company that owns the app. For the Canadian authorities, this can be a drawn-out, bureaucratic process, as many of these social media companies are based in the United States.

In Bali's case, it reportedly took 10 months for investigators to gain access to some of her social media activity. Complicating matters even further was the fact that certain apps encrypt communication between their users.

When TD Bank opened at 8.55 a.m., Bali ended her phone call, walked over to the teller, and withdrew $55 in cash.

(9 a.m.) Visits Terry's Pawn & Bargain

Terry's Pawn and Bargain

After leaving the bank, Bali walked westbound on Broadway Street East before heading north on 3rd Avenue.

At around 9 a.m., she entered Terry's Pawn & Bargain and attempted to sell a silver ring. However, the owner, Terry Heddon, refused to buy it due to its low value.

Bali's attempt to pawn her silver ring is telling, as it indicates that the teenager needed more than $55 to achieve her plans that day.

Heddon said that the teenager didn't appear to be upset. Following their conversation, she left the store and walked back towards Broadway Street.

(9.10 a.m.) Enters Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Mekayla Bali

Following her failed attempt to pawn a ring, Bali walked east along Broadway Street and continued past the bank that she had visited just minutes earlier.

Then, at roughly 9.10 a.m., she entered this Tim Hortons/Wendy's combo restaurant near Dracup Avenue.

Bali ordered a drink and sat in a booth in the Tim Hortons section by herself for about 15 minutes. Although she spent most of her time looking at her phone, the surveillance footage shows that she turned around at least three times to check who was entering the restaurant.

This may suggest that she was expecting someone else to arrive.

However, at the time, she was also ditching school. Therefore, she may have simply been on edge.

At one point, it seems as though she disassembles her phone. Unfortunately, the security camera was not close enough to capture exactly what she was doing.

Some have theorized that she may have been using a burner SIM card and that this would explain why her phone calls weren't being logged under her billing account. However, there are also a number of unremarkable reasons why she may have taken her phone apart.

For example, older Android phones would sometimes hang due to heavy app usage. To "fix this", it was common to take the battery out and put it back in again.

Another possibility is that she was checking to see if a certain component was dusty, clogged, or broken.

At around 9.23 a.m., Bali can be seen tapping her right hand on the table, almost as if she is anxiously trying to decide what her next move should be.

Seconds later, she grabs her backpack and heads towards the Tim Hortons entrance on the western side of the building. Then, for reasons that remain unknown, she stops at the western entrance, turns around, and heads for the eastern exit in the Wendy's section.

(9.30 a.m.) Leaves Tim Hortons and walks up Eight Avenue


Bali's actions after leaving Tim Hortons were erratic.

Between 9.30 a.m. and 9.50 a.m., surveillance cameras captured her walking north on Eight Avenue and north on Sixth Avenue. She then returned to Tim Hortons via the parking lot beside Giant Tiger (bottom arrow).

During this 20-minute period, she was sending text messages and talking on the phone.

In the map above, you'll notice that we have highlighted the locations of three hotels.

Google Maps shows that Yorkton's hotels are mostly clustered in this section of the downtown area of the city. This may be significant due to Bali's actions after she returned to Tim Hortons.

(9.50 a.m.) Returns to Tim Hortons


The 16-year-old returned to Tim Hortons at 9.50 a.m.

The security footage shows that she still had her phone up to her ear when she sat down at one of the booths.

At 10.12 a.m., Bali sent a cryptic text message to her friend, which read, "Hey, I need help."

Following another phone call, she texted her friend again and said, "Nevermind, I figured it out."

Unfortunately, she never elaborated as to why she needed help, as the messages were not read until a later time.

At 10.25 a.m., Bali left Tim Hortons for the second time and returned after just one minute. Then, after seemingly talking on the phone again, she approached a woman in the restaurant (blue circle) and asked her to help her book a hotel room.

When the woman refused to help, the teenager put her phone back up to her ear, grabbed her backpack, and then left Tim Hortons for the third and final time.

(10.40 a.m.) Leaves Tim Hortons again and walks past the Ramada Hotel


Bali left Tim Hortons at about 10.40 a.m. and proceeded westbound on Broadway Street.

She then turned to her left and walked down Seventh Avenue before turning around and heading back towards Broadway Street.

Following this short and unexplained detour, she continued westbound past the now-closed Ramada Hotel.

Unfortunately, Bali's whereabouts between 10.45 a.m. and 11.55 a.m. are currently unknown.

She returned to her school at 12 p.m.

Judging by Google Maps, a relatively fit adult can walk between Tim Hortons and Sacred Heart High School in 15-20 minutes. This means that there is a considerable 40-minute "gap" in her movements.

(12 p.m.) Returns to school

Bali returns to school

Bali returned to her high school at 12 p.m. and approached two students in the main lobby.

During their short conversation, she claimed that she was planning on taking a bus trip to the city of Regina for a vacation.

Notably, one of the students later told investigators that Bali might have been carrying two phones.

Although this would explain the unrecorded phone calls, it is important to note that there doesn't seem to be a great degree of certainty surrounding this statement. Furthermore, a second phone is not visible in any of the surveillance footage.


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