Map: The location where Tina Foglia was found

Sagtikos Parkway, North Bay Shore, NY 11706

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The location where Tina Foglia was found

Crime Location in North Bay Shore, New York

In February 1982, the remains of 19-year-old Tina Foglia were discovered at this roadside on Long Island.

Her case remains unsolved to this day.

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Hammerheads was situated at 135 Sunrise Highway in West Islip.

Foglia was last seen near the exit of the venue at around 3 a.m.

Both the police and the general public considered the busy rock venue to be a nuisance, as it was a hot spot for fist fights, drug dealing, public drinking, and other petty crimes.

Hammerheads was situated in a disused supermarket that had been converted into a club.

It was replaced by another club called "Key Largo" in 1984.

The building was torn down at some point in the 1990s and replaced by the strip mall that is present today.

Foglia's house

Foglia's house

Tina Foglia's house was located at 15 Lloyd Drive in Brentwood. She lived here with her mother, brother, and sister. Her father was living in the Bronx, as her parents were divorced.

The teenager left her residence on the evening of January 31st, 1982, to go to Hammerheads. It is believed that she hitchhiked to the club.

This house is roughly five miles from the roadside where her remains were dumped.


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